Sep 30

Consonant Clusters 2 - "Wh-"

Consonant Clusters 2: wh-


As well as having a lexical meaning, a number of consonant clusters have an onomatopoeic meaning. Onomatopoeic words imitate the sounds that they describe.

Typical examples are animal sounds, like “miaow”, to describe the noise a cat makes.

One sound like this is the wh- sound. If you say, ”wh-“ you will find that there is a lot of air breathed out from your...

Sep 25

Consonant Clusters 1 - "St-"

Consonant Clusters 1  ST-


English has a number of consonant clusters which have a phonosemantic meaning. This means that the groups of consonants have an underlying meaning.

The first consonant cluster we shall look at is st-, which often has a meaning of rigid or fixed. Linguists believe that the st- form comes from “stand” –...

Sep 6

Tenses Test [Intermediate Level]

Intermediate Level English Tenses Test

This test practices these tenses:

Present simple [I do]Present continuous [I am doing]Present perfect simple [I have done]Past simple [I did]Past continuous [I was doing]


These present and past tenses are the most important tenses to be able to use fluently at the intermediate level. Here's a quick reminder about when they are used:

Present simple: habits and states in...